Expert Group (UK) Ltd is committed to ensuring all employees and contractors operate compliantly and in accordance with relevant industry regulations.

EU Drivers Hours & WTD Regulations

Our Compliance Department monitors transport operations to ensure our drivers comply with EU Drivers Hours and WTD Regulations, “Smartanalysis” digital tachograph downloading software enables us to monitor compliance with regards to Drivers hours, breaks, rest periods, average working time and driver infringements

By adhering to these regulations, we aim to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce, and by monitoring our drivers’ tachograph records, we can provide proof of compliance for our customers.

Gangmasters Licence (GLA)

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority was established to protect workers from exploitation in the agriculture, shellfish gathering, food and drink processing and packaging industries. All workers within these industries, whether temporary or permanent, are covered by this licensing scheme. It is a criminal offence to operate without a licence. Expert Group (UK) Limited holds a GLA licence, number EXP0001.

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